Appendix A: Relevant Material Not Found In The Ringelblum Archives

1. The list of authors, written on scrap paper was found buried in the archival materials. It appears that someone tried to list authors of the burried materials, not all of which have been found yet.

The following three poems were not found in the Ringelblum Archives but are known to have been written in the Warsaw Ghetto.

2. Yitskhok Katsenelson: Poem for an Evening of Tanakh

Katsenelson’s poem ” Introduction to an Evening of Tanakh”, written in the Ghetto for November 26, 1940, eleven days after the Ghetto was locked, according to Yekhiel Szeintukh in “Y. Katsenelson, Yiddish Ghetto Writing”, Warsaw 1940-1943, Beit Lo Hamei Hagetaot, 1984 in Yiddish.

3. Kalman Lis: Little Hands

Kalman Lis has several poems in the Ringelblum Archives, but this particular one, “Hentelakh”, (Little Hands) is included here because it captures the tragedy of children in the Warsaw Ghetto streets and the frustration of the writer who was for years the Director of the Home for Children With Problems in Otwosk (taken from Binem Heller’s Dos is Geblibn, Warsaw, 1952

4. Semiatitski, Khayim: Warsaw

Semiatitski’s Poem “Varshe”. (Warsaw) because he lived and wrote in the Warsaw Ghetto, but no poems are found for him in the Ringelblum Archive. This is taken from Binem Heller’s Anthology, Dos Lid is Geblibn“, “The Song Remains”, Warsaw 1952.

5. Marvil, Shmuel
Letter to Giterman

Shmuel Marvil wrote “Letter to Giterman”, found in the Ringelblum Archive thanking him for medical help (Dr. Goyzak) and continuing support financially. He reminds Giterman that he and Giterman are both Rabbi’s sons.

Poems in this section include