by Moishe Broderzon

Romeo I never understood you it seems,
never remembered your quiet name,
unknown to me are your feelings, ideas,
unknown is your heart that loves, longs and dreams.
The scent of your body is young as lilacs,
when Juliet’s smile comes over your face.
she heard joy like a forest rushing in you,
she saw the light in your eyes.


Oh my life, a sun blooms within you,
the day laughs with joy and so does the night,
the world laughs for you alone.
Oh my life sing and play the most beautiful song,
Oh play it for my delight,
Today for me, today for me.

Romeo, you are dear to me as a Mother
and bring your heart into my body, my blood,
Hot nights play the most tender music
when sorrow seethes in me like a flood.
Romeo, fair Juliet is not only your love,
my dream too smiles in her hair,
her eyes are like vases of flowers,
her hands are like two quiet doves