Very Honored Director

Very honored and beloved Director
Pesakh Vayland

Very honored and beloved Director

Mr. Goyzhik

I place my request in your hands
I am a Yiddish poet, and
Every day when I bathe my body- just bones and skin
the flesh is totally lost
Gone is my mother who’d mourn this
I believe that I’m already touched by death
With my last shirt
I cover my bundle of ribs
Pale are my parched lips
My aching heart hurts deeper
I am Yiddish Poet
Director, I plead for monthly money. Help.

I am very exhausted, fall on my feet
If this is not possible then I urgently ask
a one time support payment
I hope dear beloved Mr. Goyzhik
that you will come toward my-self abasing application
with deep respect for you
I remain waiting

P. Vayland
60 N-Lesno door 33

Warsaw 2/27 42