Greenberg, Eliezer: 1896-1977

Born in Lipkon, Bessarabia, Greenberg emigrated to Boston in 1913 and worked in leather goods. In 1921 he enrolled in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and taught in Yiddish schools. In 1927 he moved to N. Y. and was published in newspapers: Frayhayt, (“Freedom”) and Journals including Kinder Journal, (“Children’s Journal”), and Yiddisher Kemfer, (“Jewish Fighter”). Books in Yiddish include Gasn un Evenus (“Streets and Avenues”), New York 1928, The Long Night, 1946, New York. He translated many American poets to Yiddish and was Vice Chairman of the Yiddish Pen Club, 1941 to 1954. Together with Irving Howe, he edited the anthology of fifty-two Yiddish stories in “Treasury of Yiddish Stories”, 1953, N.Y.