That Is Me

That Is Me
by Khaim Grade

Khaim Vilner in the Navoredke Yeshive. __________.
Like all the young men he wore a four cornered
ritual garment down to his knees,
And Reb Aba Musarnik, a wild attic cat
came to him even in his dreams with much to say…

Though he was barely twenty years old,
he was so pale and serious – he looked thirty;
He found a swamp within himself,
and like a devoted Mussarnik worked to improve
himself relentlessly.

He heard as from afar – his blood,
like the rush from far away of springtime water;
He slept on a hard bench wearing his hat,
and every day became more withdrawn and paler.

Reb Aba was a wild attic cat
and he -a ritual garmented philosopher in
worn out shoes,
Khayim Vilner in Navoredke Yeshiva –
That is me—