Vogler,Elkhonon: 1907-1969

Vogler was born in Vilna where his father was a lawyer. When he was seven, he lost his father and at eight, his mother. He grew up in Wilkomir, Lithuania. He returned to Vilna at sixteen and became a sign painter. In 1941, he escaped Vilna and after much hardship, came to Alma-Ata in Kazakstan, where he lived in hardship. He survived in Moscow, wrote in Soviet journals, and returned to Vilna in 1947. Later he went to Lodz and in 1949 to Paris. He debuted in 1925 in Warsaw journals and participated in “Young Vilna” in many publications and contributed to “Haynt” and postwar to Paris Almanac and Di Goldene Keyt, (“The Golden Chain”), in Tel Aviv. His first book was in 1935 in Vilna, A Bletl in Vint, (“A Leaf in the Wind”). The second book Tvey Berioskes Baym Trakt, (“Two Birch Trees by the Road”), 1939, Vilna. A Third book in 1954 was Friling Oifn Trakt, (“Spring on the Road”), published in Paris, 1949.