Summer Mornings By The Sea

Summer Mornings By The Sea
by Eliezer Grinberg

With the break of the morning
the little houses on the hill surrender
to a rush of wakened foam
a sleepy lantern moves on a far corner.
But at daybreak –
when sun rays touch the greening planted rows
when wind gives wild chase,
and twists around the garden cuttings,
when doors and windows are lit up by sun,
a rooster starts to crow a song of praise:
doves begin to murmur,
a bird pecks among the branches,
a sparrow in his nest sings joyfully,
and all go out to seek food before they rest!

At the close shore of the sea
the first guests arrive:
hungry sand birds soon like couriers take flight
hungry sea gulls fly over fishermen and boats
returning home from fishing through the night –
silent with full mouths,
with smell of fish, sharp taste of salt,
with secret shine in eyes –
like blue transparent jewels
drawn from the threatening deep.

All in fearful mute agreement with the sea:
the sea will nourish them!
their only source of food:
The sea! The sea! The sea!…