Broderzon, Moishe: 1890-1956

Broderzon was born in Moscow. He grew up to be a poet and theater director in Lodz 1918-1938. He was a master writer of children’s stories and a theater director in Moscow where he created a very popular marionette theater in 1922. In 1924 he wrote the opera “Bathsheba”. He survived WWII in the Soviet Union, but in 1948 when Yiddish writers were liquidated, he was sent to a concentration camp in Siberia where he was a prisoner until 1955. He was released a very sick man and allowed to return to Warsaw in 1955. He had secret papers to emigrate to Israel but died suddenly during festivities honoring his return to Poland. On that occasion, he read a poem just written called Dos Letste Lid, (“The Last Song”) in which the poet sees in a flock of doves overhead, the souls of his murdered brethren.