Moishe Broderson: Permanent Wave

Permanent Wave
by Moishe Broderzon

The woman reigns sans coronation,
the man obeys as best he can,
with complaint or silently,
he complies with her decree.
She flirts and teases, she seduces
primps, powders and paints til she prevails
but if all manipulations fail
she brings on the permanent wave.


Oh permanent wave, permanent wave,
this is the newest combination,
A woman is to herself a nation,
she’s always right for no good reason,
she talks sitting, standing, lying in bed,
and must be pretty even when dead.

Mrs. Rosemarin who’s known as Rose,
is childless because of her man,
But then she learned about his sin.
he’s the father of a child.
Hey Hershl – she says lightly to him,
so how did a child come to you?
He answers with emotion, brave-
It came from a permanent wave.


The apartment manager Moishe Eli,
is a strong and nervy guy,
he tosses tenants out himself
does not rely on any help.
But there’s a widow, seems that she
is allowed to live rent free,
because this woman full of grace,
has a permanent wave to frame her face.