Appendix B: Brief Biographies of Authors

There are eighteen poems included in this volume, where the authors are unknown.

Much of the material in these brief biographies has been taken from the following sources:

Lexicon Fun Der Moderner Yiddishe Literatur, Biographical Dictionary of Modern Yiddish Literature Eight Volumes, published by World Yiddish Culture Congress, New York , 1968.

Mark, Ber Di Umgekumene Shrayber fun di Geto, The Murdered Writers of the Ghetto, Warsaw, 1948

Additional sources are:

Heller, Binem, Dos Lid is Geblibn, The Song Remains, poetry of Yiddish writers in Poland who perished during the Nazi occupation. Published by Yiddish Book, Warsaw, 1951.

Liptzin, Sol, A History of Yiddish Literature, Jonathon David Publishers, N. Y. 1972.

Molodovsky, Kadie Lider fun Khurbn, Songs of the Holocaust, Publishers I.L. Peretz, Tel Aviv, 1962

The following list contains the brief biographies of the authors in this volume: