Site Credits

Thanks to:

Aleksandra Borecka, Chief Archivist at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for her unflagging help in making Ringelblum materials available from the beginning to the end of this long project.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for granting me a visiting scholarship and supporting the work that resulted in this web site.

The California State University at Northridge Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association for supporting the research with a travel grant.

The Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw for introducing me to the Ringelblum poetry and granting permission to use the material.

Sam Kassow and Michael Berenbaum for providing additional material for the site and their steadfast encouragment and support.

Lilke Majzner, Beba Leventhal, and Moishe Shklar for help with unfamiliar Yiddish words; Irv and Joan White for Hebrew translations and Cantor Arianne Brown for help with Aramaic.

My son Dave Moskovitz for encouragement to turn my manuscript into a publicly available web site, and the design and implementation work to build the bones of the site using WordPress with the Type theme by Design Labs.

Thinktank Consulting in Wellington, New Zealand for providing hosting for the site.

Most of all I wish to thank my husband Itzik Moskovitz for his painstaking work cleaning up hundreds of blurred microfiche images and loading content into the site, and whose computer know-how and enthusiasm made this project a reality.