Bomze, Nakhum: 1906-1954

Bomze, Nahum 1906-1954

Born in Sasov, Galicia, to a family of merchants, he was the youngest of ten and was educated in a German school and Jewish High School in Lvov. He fled to Bialystock, which was under the Russians in 1941. He served in the Russian army and then went to Uzbekistan. He worked in a kindergarten in Tashkent. Post WWII, he went to Lodz where he worked as an editor and a secretary. In 1948, he emigrated to New York where, in 1954, he died of a sudden heart attack. Bomze published in Yiddish newspapers and journals including “Tsukunft” and “Lebensfragen”. His first book, In Teg fun der Vokh, (“In the Days of the Week”), was published in 1929 . Many books followed including Borvesse Trit, (“Barefoot Steps”) in 1936 and A Khasene in Harbst, (“A Wedding in Autumn”), in 1949.