Hymn To Loneliness

Hymn to Loneliness
by Unknown

Silvery Loneliness!
Cold shower for tired bodies!
Blessed shade for burning wanderers
Only he that bathes in the blue Ganges of longing
in the flaming ribbon of forgetting
will enter your sunken-silent kingdom.
Silvery loneliness!
Yeast of the soul!
Holy magic-ring against poisoning dust
The world – an echo of captured sound
uted from afar.
Stone ballast memories discarded
my balloon rises high
swings through gray clouds to crystal blue infinity.
Silvery loneliness!
Against ancient landscape mountain peaks and
white love sails flutter over blue seas.
I hear the fevered beat of white wings
above the trembling silver sounds

Like a herd of oxen in iron yoke of days
with donkey patience striding in the weeks dull circle
In your eyes there glows a heavenly prayer:
quick as mice a slurp and a gulp
so I went away from your houses where the day
drags with hardship
A tubercular patient, pale
I ran away from your houses where the souls blood
devours scabs and air of graves
I ran away from your houses where
gloom feeds like a hungry rat
How good it is to float in the swinging
swift purposeful singing space
as on exotic rows of dreams
How good it is to wander the broad wide streets
like luxurious coin of a legendary generous king
Where I will wander like this from street to street
until into the blue land
until into the blue land.