Simkha Shayevitch: Balad of the White Night

Ballad of the White Night
by Simkha Shayevitch

With white fingers night knocks
on the shutters of the girl’s window
Come young girl. Come out to me
Touch my wings
and become a white dove!

The girl answers with a fearful heart:
– How can I become a dove,
how can I fly?
In my heart there lies a stone becoming heavier
and outside – oh dogs are howling.

Once again the white night knocks
on the girl’s window and shutters:
– Come stubborn girl, come quickly
take hold of my wings
and be the keeper of my garden!

– How can I be the keeper,
keeper for you?
Your face is so angry
ugly and contorted
and dogs cry at your garden gate.

Now night with angry fingers
knocks on the girl’s shutters and window pane:
– come stubborn one, come quickly.
Take the gold stars
from my blue heights!