by Moishe Broderzon

You don’t love me any more,
I sense it and I hear,
I suffer in silence, am often in tears.

He who loves, will suffer,
and I don’t know what that means,
you are so close to me ,
and yet so far it seems…


Without love all is emptiness,
no life without desire,
the source of love brings happiness
and yet confuses too,
Love can be poison,
a sea of pain ,
one look of love
and no way back again
A look sometimes brings poison,
and a sea of pain.
My child do you know,
the comfort of love
how one suffers
when left allalone…

Your face is so pale,
the light in your eyes has no beauty
that cold fire is only from duty.

My face is pale – no surprise,
for I love and hate,
and you don’t see the tears in my eyes…


You are very beautiful,
wonderful your charm,
but when you look at me you see only

I’m alone with me
and with you – without you
your love makes me hot – and yet I freeze…