My Last Request

My Last Request
by Moishe Kaufman

Peacefully, I want to die
on the breast of my beloved
when the red hued sky,
sadly mourns the dying day.
When the sun sinks in final flames
tired, weak from wrestling death,
then I’ll want to be with her
and sing for her with my last breath.
When the sky veiled in black
will surround the world with sorrow
then let my heart open
to disclose my sacred feelings.
Accompanying me are stars
and a sad song from afar
and the tears of my beloved
bring me to peace, eternal rest.
Let her come to me
each morning before sunrise,
cloaked in sadness and black flowers
Let her place them on my grave.
Then let flow the pearly tears
of longing on cold stone,
and in my grave I will hear
my beloved’s tender weeping.
Let her cry be quiet, softly,
her sad sounds shall open my grave
and let her tears flow over me
(last line missing)