Nokhem Yud: The Young Tree

The Young Tree
by Nokhem Yud

A young tree was growing in the forest
Across from him up high looking out into blue space
standing far off over there
was an old oak, giant branches on all sides
And with envy toward the great oak
the young tree often felt despair

What use my blooming and my growing tall
even if years later
I will have more leaves
and grow in power and beauty –
Will I then be able to compare
myself to the oak, so giant and mature?
Will I not always remain small compared to him
no matter how much more I stretch toward the sky…

The little blade of grass that grew under the tree
appeared quite small rising from the earth
and answered him quietly
“How foolish are your words!”
You need not complain:
now see how I am just a little blade of grass,
yet I know there’s something deep in me
the giant oak will never own.