Let The Earth Fall Apart

Let the Earth Fall Apart
by Moishe Kaufman

Why do I stand at the window for hours
Why do I talk to the cold iron bars.
What do my eyes seek so eagerly, why
among people I know passing by.
Why tears in my eyes and trembling heart
when the day dies and the sky turns dark.
Why do I think day and night
of my lover.
A lover who lost her heart
and swore her love but not only to me.
Why do I look for people with feeling and love
days wake with me cold and sad.
I’ll close my eyes and let their rays fall
back into the world of my heart
And not think of those who have sworn false
Let their hearts ring cold and freeze
Go deaf my ears not to hear crying and singing
I want no more of life, I have no desires.
You won’t enchant me sun with your golden rays
Let the cosmos tremble and earth fall apart.