Berman, Leyb 1887-1944

Berman was born in Carlin near Pinsk. Served in the Russian military 1909-1912 after which he lived in Lodz (1919) where he gave lectures on Yiddish writing and worked as a calligrapher. His poems were published in various Yiddish newspapers including “Haynt”. He wrote children’s poems and published a book in Lodz, 1920, Gelekhter Durkh Trern; (“Laughter Through Tears”) and Gesamlte Lider; (“Collected Poems”), Lodz, 1935.

In the Lodz Ghetto Berman worked on the ghetto “Litzmanshtaat” newspaper and when the Lodz ghetto was liquidated in 1944 he was sent to Auschwitz where he was killed.