I Am Guilty

I Am Guilty (from the book “Yo”)
by Moishe Broderzon

I’m guilty you say- I know I’m guilty,
and every measure of sin is overfilled.
The first sin of mine was being patient.
No doubt that was and is my greatest guilt.

Too long silent, mute at your injustice,
with gritted teeth I forged my suffering to steel,
Too long I was the sacrificing martyr,
who on the burning pyre cried
“Hear Oh Israel, Hear!””.

Too long I waited and maybe not long enough,
when prophecy in suffering was revealed,
I did not give you timely wise examples,
too soon I wakened in you God of Love.

This frightens you the most for this is hidden,
and not just from your body but your soul,
Your quick defiance shocked and choked me
for as always even now my call is still
Lo Tirtzak – thou shalt not kill!