Moishe Broderson: Stand In

Stand In
by Moishe Broderzon

I’m a young girl
quite refined
They say I’m not bad looking
I’m not a brat
and I’m known around
as special in this town
and to god I pray
send me a bridegroom!


Ay yay yay a bridegroom
It is very good to have one
But better to have a stand-in too
or even a several more
Ay Ay Ay a bridegroom
I now have bridegrooms four
and that’s a thing I worry about;
for in which order shall I take them
to try out

Now don’t look down on me
No one can say that I have done them wrong
No No my conscience is clear
And I declare right here
I’ve been honest and fair
But I still say it’s good to have a pair

Refrain: Aye yay yay etc.

Heaven knows above
things can go wrong with love
you all know of someone struck
with sudden bad luck
a spoiled brat or bad apple
could make a terrible affair
that’s why I say it’s good to have a pair.

Refrain: Aye yay yay etc.

Boys pressure with
their clever tongues
and promise everything
they promise and promise
but to set a wedding day?
No! No! Like birds they fly away
and will not ever give their word

Refrain: Aye yay yay etc.

Because of them it is
that I have so much pain
and know I have to look out for myself
not shoot myself in the foot
not let myself be fooled by all their lies
or let them pull the wool over my eyes
So I must keep good sense in a clear head.

Refrain: Aye yay yay etc.