Abraham And Eliezer

Abraham and Eliezer
by Itzik Manger

Eliezer my loyal old servant
take your walking staff in hand
Harness your old faithful feet
and set out to far away lands

Go find a wife for Itzik my son
She must be one in the world, in good health
if she’s beautiful that wouldn’t hurt
and if she has a bit of wealth

For Itzik is dear to me as my eyes,
Raising him, oh how we cried
but surely the story is familiar to you,
you read it in Genesis twenty-two

Old Eliezer nods his head
and smiles down into his beard.
And into his knapsack so old and fine
he places two full vessels of wine

and a package of cookies with poppy seeds
that Sarah prepared yesterday
and a bunch of hard boiled eggs,
for travel far away,
Reb Abraham, good day to you!
And he is on his way…