Good It Is To Have Two Eyes

Good It is to Have Two Eyes
by Yitzkhak Viner

Good it is to have two eyes
Anything I want they see:
Boats and trains, horses, cars,
everything there is on earth.

But it happens sometimes that
I want to see a person laugh…
But instead I see a corpse,
stretched out in the street…

When I want to see one laugh- – –
his eyes are closed forever- – – –
Good it is to have two ears,
Anything I want they hear:
Songs, plays, concert of words,
Street cars, bells, anything.

I want to hear the children voices sing,
but ears hear only screams…
of two children near a corpse…

When I want youthful song- – –
crying children hours long- – –


Good it is to have two hands,
every year to till the land,
banging iron day and night,
makes the wheels to till…

Wheels are standing silent, still,
People’s hands are obsolete,
Cold and darkness in the house…
Hands digging a grave…

Good it is to have two hands- – –
I write poems about the truth- – – –