And Their Little House

And Their Little House
by Itzik Manger

And their little house
is clear as snow
a bird flaps
on someone’s hand
with deep eyes.
From their land
we will take you
Come with us! Come!
In our kingdom blossoms bloom
Old men walking
step by step
lips stammering
God my God!
The night lights stars and bats
crowns shadows with leaves of lice
from black forest a moonlight blitz
her eye is red and big
They keep going step by step
feverish lips mutter
God my God
Spring blossomed
and disappeared
Where can we put away
autumnal days?
The summer bloomed
and bloomed away
Where can we put
the autumn steps?
The sun blossomed and went down red
where can we put
the psalm before death?
Lord of creation
they stammer