Four Sons

Four Sons (fragment)
by Moishe Broderzon

Villain: I am the famous evil doer,
Everyone knows my name.
Not only from the Haggadah,
I am always very popular.

Wise One: I the wise one of this night,
will not complain about my plight,
born with the Villain from one mother,
I must work with him together.

Fool: I’m the one who’s known meanwhile,
as one who is the Fool,
what I am will soon come clear
they’ll explain it to me here.

He who knows not what to ask:
I’m always silent mute as fish,
I don’t know what’s going on.
Something stirs in me to ask,
but asking is too hard a task.

All: We are the four sons,
of the Jews,
Villain, Wise one and Fool
and the One Who Cannot Ask.

Villain: With symbols like a swastika,
I like to flood world throngs.
the wise one helps me in this work,
the other two go along.

Fool: I do all that bosses ask
I can praise and I can curse
When commanded I must heed
To think about it there’s no need.

He who knows not what to ask:
I don’t know what’s permitted and
what’s not
I don’t ask and I don’t tell
I am like a big blank tablet
What the Fool does I do as well.

Villain: I prepare the evil deeds
The wise one does some interventions
I work open – he works hidden
He patches over my intentions

Wise One: He makes war (points to Villain)
And I intrigue
I am the League of Nations
What I decide is worth one radish
And what he does – well you can see

Fool: I am Nazi Socialistic
Anti Jewish communistic others
And my good friend who asks nothing
Will eat weapons instead of butter.