Bedlam (Balagan)

Bedlam (Balagan)
by Moishe Broderzon

What did they make of this world
all is ridiculed, turned upside down.
there is no forward, left or right –
good and bad are turned around.
It’s a balagan, balagan, balagan.

Everything once thought good –
like love and courage, brotherhood –
everything got turned, distorted –
from all directions good is thwarted –

It’s a balagan, balagan, balagan.

All’s chaos at a fevered pitch –
Life is an ugly joke –
Paradise is only found –
In bedlam, balagan.

It’s a balagan, balagan, balagan.

That’s how it is, you look and see –
only a fool would disagree –
Like the demons, the devils dance –
against them we stand no chance –

balagan balagan balagan.

But we – we are the ones that hide –
a better world we can’t provide –
While they – they create evil, fear –
May they have a dreadful year-

balagan, balagan, balagan.

But for now let us not worry –
It will not be like this always –
So let’s be well and let’s be lively –
And bring good cheer to all our days –

balagan, balagan, balagan!